The Client offers a B2B commerce platform which enables footwear enterprises to connect and
communicate with each other and expand their business. During the growth phase, the client did
not have an in-house finance team and was struggling with a lot of reconciliation issues. The
clients accounting systems were not appropriate to cater to the growing needs of the scale of
business and rapid growth.
Issues involved

 Mismanaged accounting function;
 Substandard scheme of entry;
 Reconciliation issues in receivable and payable balances;
 Inexperienced finance team to handle the need of growing business

How we helped

 Suggested technology changes and developed the trade accounting system to
provide accurate payable and receivable balances;
 Developed and documented detailed scheme of entries to ensure accounting is
completed in an accurate and timely manner.
 Handled the finance function to ensure correct and timely compliances with all laws
for timely payments of statutory dues.


Acupro was successful in creating long term value by developing scheme of entries and
trade accounting system for the client.